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Proven Solutions.

Advanced Technology.


We can handle every aspect of the collection process from start to finish. Our advanced system provides real-time, detailed reporting on all monthly collections and interest payments. Plus, you can compare your community’s results with similar communities across the United States.

  • Communications & notifications
  • Collection of assessments, fees, & violations
  • Secure payment processing
  • Partial payment & ACH fund transfers

Protect Your Community. Get Results.

Faster Collections

Get results quickly and easily with our relationship-driven selling approach.

More Revenue

Increase cash flow by resolving accounts you thought were unrecoverable.

Flexible Fee Structure

Do more and meet your association’s needs with our competitive fee structure.

Resolve Any Account

Collect on any account, no matter the size, age, location or stage of delinquency.

Get Started Today!


HOA Collection Services recovers assessments, interest, violations, late fees, and fines for communites of any size. Our full-licensed and trained team uses a proven, multi-channel process that gets results quickly and easily.  From start to finish, we do it all!

Help your association recover what is theirs and contact us today.

Our Process


We receive the delinquent account from your HOA.


Our staff attempts to collect the debt with a written demand for payment


We notify the homeowner of the recorded lien.


The homeowner is notified of the intent to default the property.


Our staff attempts to collect the debt with a written demand for payment.

Real Estate

Homeowners are given notice that the sale of the home is imminent unless the lien is paid in full.


The collection resolution efforts include affordable payment plans, recovery, and restitution.


We conduct a parallel telephone campaign to prompt the homeowner to engage with your HOA.

Want to Learn More?


Need more information on how we and our industry work? Contact us today to learn more, and in the meantime read our HCS brochure to learn how we can help your association recover what they are owed.

HOA Collection Services

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